All about Prague

Prague I a beautiful city. It is a capital city of Czech Republic and is situated in the middle of it. Some people call it also city in the heart of Europe and it is true. Prague and the whole Czechia is in a place, which could be a heart if Europe was a human. That is interesting fact number one.


In Prague live about one million people, which means that it is our biggest city here. A lot of students go there after finishing high school and any secondary school. There are a lot of opportunities for working and studying. We have very old university called Charles University. Do you know why Charles? It was our king in the medieval and he did a lot for our small country. He has built a lot of sights in Prague such as:

  • Charles Bridges with old statues of saints. Statues are original these days, but the bridge is still amazing and very popular for tourists.
  • Saint Vitus cathedral, which belongs to Prague castle. There is an interesting fact about Prague castle too. It is the biggest castle complex on the world.
  • The new town of Prague. There are a lot of sights and it is very wonderful.

Karlův most
If you are considering a visit in Prague, you should find some Prague guide for you. It will be a mistake to miss anything. There is also a lot of opportunities for a night life, because this city never sleeps, and it is a paradise for tourists. We are very happy that our capital is quite safe city and people do not have to be aware of it.
Transport in Prague is very easy, and it is not that expensive so no worries. Be sure to enjoy your stay and your life as well. Our country and our historical cities are really something special and it could be interesting to visit them. Bad thing about this country is the fact, that English is not a language for everyone here, because of the totality system, which used to be here until the year 1989.

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